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DossierDossier Ghana is a research sight that will gather public data on real issues in Ghana, and compile it in a “Dossier” format.

What we are not

  • News Aggregators If you are looking for the latest news visit sites like Xfm 95.1 NewsCentre, JoyOnline, Ghanaweb or PeaceFM.
  • Journalists We don’t generate news.

What we are

  • Issue Collectors We collect existing online information on issues.
  • Question Formulators We formulate questions from information provided. What has not been said? What has been said that does not sound right?
  • Puzzle Builders As information grows, pieces normally falls in place. We try to build the puzzle to that stage when investigative journalists can jump in and find the missing pieces.
  • Dossier Builders As information grows, it will start forming a case that can be compiled as dossier and even docket.

How to read Dossier Ghana

Dossier Ghana is about grouping related issues and about generating questions and thought provoking “issues”. To see the list of issues, selecte the drop-down menu named “Files”.

File Selection

Once Dossier Ghana feels that a pattern is emerging, a “File” is opened and facts are then summarised, including time lines. Files are listed on the main navigation bar under “Files”, but can also be viewed by selecting “Files” from the drop-down menu.

At the stage that Dossier Ghana believes that the “File” contains substantive information for more in-depth investigation, a “Dossier” will be opened. Links to Dossiers can be found from the main navigation bar by selecting “Dossier”.










What is Dossier Ghana trying to achieve?

The quality of journalism in Ghana is poor, to say the least. In addition it has become very clear that reportage by journalists are grossly influenced by their paymasters – normally political parties. By gathering information from various sources and viewing issues from different angles some sort of “truth” patterns start arising. The real truth will only be found by further in-depth investigations, and we hope we can be a resource for those brave, objective and independent investigators to dig deeper and to get to the bottom of cases.

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