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DossierThis section explains why certain files appear in Dossier Ghana.





Cases: Ayariga Tractor Case

The purchase of the 10 tractors by Mr Ayariga last year torched off huge controversy, and seemed to have lingered in the minds of his political opponents. The former presidential spokesperson Mahama Ayariga has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

Although both CHRAJ and the Appointments  Committee of Parliament have cleared Ayariga of wrongdoing, there is something that just does not seem right. This case will be investigated further.

Kosmos Energy

Kosmos Energy and local Ghanaian partners obtained oil exploration rights in 2004. In October 2009 Kosmos announced the sale of its shares to Exxon Mobil. Opposition from the Ghana government and subsequent allegations of corruption makes this an issue to follow.

President’s Special Initiatives (PSIs)

These initiatives were hailed as Ghana’s solution to development. There was much hype about this, but as time went on runours started making their way that these PSIs was really a cash cow for Kufour, the NPP or both. Are these rumours true?

Segbefia, Wilson and the CVC

Dossier Ghana has seen enough about this case and believes it warrants the opening of a File. It smacks of abuse of office / power, criminality and nepotism.

Tsatsu Tsikata

A recent feature alleged serious “use” by Tsatsu Tsikata of his position to enrich himself.

Dossier Ghana will be following developments.

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