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Attorney General explains lack of prosecution of former government officials

March 18, 2010

Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Betty Mould Iddrisu has reaffirmed her commitment to President Mills’ principles of justice within the confines of the law.


  • Will this stop the barrage of criticism against her? Lets see..

In a statement issued in Accra the Minister noted that despite calls from all quarters for haste in bringing “cases” to court she is following the principles of thoroughly investigating cases rather than pushing them to court only for them to fail the litmus test.

She said that even the NPP who made much noise about “jailing” NDC Ministers when they came to power were unable to do so with ease despite the rhetoric. In citing the cases of Tsatsu Tsikata and Mrs. Rawlings she emphasised the need to be both thorough and fair rather than to make mistakes with haste.

In pointing out that the allegations had to be investigated she said most of the ministries and agencies that we due to provide information and evidence for prosecution were painstakingly investigating these matters to ensure that prosecutions did not encounter any hitches.

Mrs. Iddrisu said despite several allegations of wrong doing established by the transitional team against former government officials in the NPP administration, the investigators have not yet been able to furnish her office with findings for prosecution.

Betty Mould Iddrisu has recently come under barrage of criticism from within her own party for her inability to prosecute former ministers of state believed to have mismanaged or misappropriated public funds.

Some critics even blame her inaction to the fact that most of the former ministers are her close friends.

Mrs. Iddrisu also indicates that despite a memo from the Chief of Staff to the various ministries to provide necessary evidence to investigate 49 corruption cases arising out of the transitional team’s report only the Transport Ministry has responded.

Mrs. Iddrisu vehemently refutes the assertion saying state investigations departments such as the CID, the BNI and the SFO expected to feed her office with facts have so much challenges hampering their work.

She described as unfortunate some of the criticisms against her competency.

Responding to the recommendation of the Ghana at 50 Probe Commission for Dr Charles Wereko Brobby and Former Chief of Staff Kwadwo Mpiani to be prosecuted Mrs. Iddrisu said her office in conjunction with other institutions of state are working on a Government White Paper after which prosecutions will commence.

Mrs. Mould Iddrisu said President Mills has clearly spelt out her duties and she believes she is acting in the best interest of the state and all the people involve.

Betty Mould

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