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Dossier: Ghana Airways

Ghana AirwaysThe Issue

Ghana Airways was established on 4 July 1958, soon after Ghana’s independence. It was a national asset, icon and pride. It survived for  45 years and within three years of the Kufuor administration’s ascendency to power it went under.

How was this possible, and is there blame to be apportioned. Was it pure mismanagement, or was there negligence, fraud or corruption involved.

The truth has not been heard.

Timeline (Under Construction)

1958 – 4 July – Was founded on 4 July 1958 by the government of Ghana with start up capital of ₤400,000.

1961 – 14 February – The Ghanaian government reached agreement with BOAC for the former to buy the latter out of its forty percent share in the airline, for a reported ₤160,000.

1983– 24 February – The airline’s first DC-10 was delivered.

1994 – September – Flights to the United States commenced.

1996 – October – Ghana Airways was able to operate flights to New York City utilising Ghanaian-registered DC-10s.

1999 – 25 March – Ghana Airways inked a co-operation agreement with South African Airways that saw the two airlines increasing flights to near daily between Johannesburg and Accra.


June – One of the airlines’ DC-10s was seized at Heathrow Airport in June 2002, after a British creditor of the airline got a legal judgement in order to recoup some £4 million in unpaid debts.

September – The Ghanaian government announced that it had signed a deal with Nationwide Airlines which would see the South African airline taking over the management of the airline, which would have been renamed Ghana Nationwide International Airlines.


February – Richard Anane, the Minister of Roads and Transport, announced that the government had withdrawn from the deal with Nationwide Airlines.

Key Characters (Under Construction)

Dr Richard Anane (Link)

It is claimed that he and Kufuor were the “destroyers” of Ghana Airways – See Further Information Required

President Jerry Rawlings (Link)

What was the outcome of his discussions with Sir Richard Branson 1n 1998?

Sir Richard Branson (Link | Link)

He has on numerous occasions tried to “rescue” Ghana Airways. What is the true story behind these unsuccessful attempts?

Further Information Required (Under Construction)

Enquirer Document

Document referred to Enquirer that points to the fact that the bane of the Ghana International Airline (GIA) is attributed to the haphazard manner the new Patriotic Party (NPP) government handled the liquidation and sale of the national airline, Ghana Airways, in 2005.

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