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NPP will resist any politically motivated trials

March 16, 2010

The New Patriotic Party says it is determined to resist any politically motivated prosecutions of government appointees from the previous administration.


  • The AG is under pressure from:
    • Her own party and in fact from all factions of the party:
      • The Ahwoi / Mills faction;
      • The Mahama faction;
      • The Rawlings faction.
    • The NPP because they know her strenght and want her out before she delivers?
  • Dossier Ghana will follow this pressure to see how long she can hang in.

The party said it is following with keen interest, the current agitation within the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the persecution of ex government officials.

The Attorney General (A-G) Betty Mould Iddrisu has recently come under harsh criticisms from her party sympathizers for not prosecuting corrupt officials of the previous administration.

This follows the NDC’s campaign promise to bring to book all past officials who were believed to have involved in financial malfeasance while in office.

The A-G is however yet to successfully prosecute anybody from the former administration for corruption after taking office.

This has cause disaffection of both party supporters and some bigwigs of the ruling party who have called for her dismissal.

In view of this, the NPP Communications Director Kweku Kwarteng on Tuesday, March 16th issued a statement stating that any unjustified prosecutions based on the falsehood the NDC churned out about the corruption in the previous government just to win votes from Ghanaians would be resisted.

According to him, the NPP believes that state institutions must be allowed to work without any interference, adding that “if former appointees, through due process, are legitimately found to have involved themselves in unlawful conduct,” they must be made to face the full rigors of the law.

Mr. Kwarteng insisted that investigations of corruption should not be limited to members of the immediate past government but also those who worked under the (NDC 1) administration.

This, he said, is due to the fact that there are many cases involving appointees of the former NDC administration (some of whom are subjects of the Auditor General’s findings) that require further action.

“We are opposed to the manipulation of the state’s security services and judicial system to persecute appointees of the former NPP government in response to useless agitation from gullible sections of the NDC who have believed the falsehood churned out by their party leadership in the last electioneering campaign,” the statement said.

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